• Olydorf App

    • Flutter
    • Scrum
    • Project management
    • Software architecture
    • Mobile development
    • Git

    During my time as the CTO of Olynet I initiated the OlyApp project. The OlyApp is a smartphone application developed using Flutter, that aims to increase the quality of life of students living in the dormitory "Olympisches Dorf" in Munich.

    The first release candidate of the application will offer reliable, dynamic infomation on opening hours of and events or other offers by student organizations in the dormitory. For this project I am leading a team of 3 developers, coordinating development efforts in Scrum-like bi-weekly meetings.

    Furthermore, I am responsible for the long term strategy of the project and thus the priorization of features and development efforts, as well as technologies used.

    To facilitate the implementation of certain key features, I am also acting as an interface between all involved stakeholders e.g. other student organizations in the dormitory and the development team.

    Github repository
  • TUM Campus App

    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • Android
    • REST API
    • SQLite
    • Migration
    • Asynchronous Programming
    • Mobile development
    • Git

    During the Open Source Lab course at the Technical University of Munich, I joined the TUMdev development team and helped further develop the Android version of the TUM Campus App.

    The TUM Campus App is a smartphone application, written in Java and Kotlin, that provides a vast variety of quality of life features for students of the Technical University of Munich and is developed entirely by students.

    My development efforts in the TUM Campus App have included on a number of bugfixes and quality improvements, all of which have been merged.

    In addition to that I have been able to gain some insights in unit and integration testing of Android applications.

    Currently I am working on migrating one of the applications oldest components, the cafeteria component, to an entirely new API.

    Github repository
  • Personal website

    • Jekyll
    • Web hosting
    • Responsive web development
    • DevOps
    • Javascript
    • CSS
    • SEO
    • Git

    Over the past year I have been working on my personal website using Jekyll, which is currently in its second iteration.

    The website was developed with mobile devices in mind and was optimized for search engines. Additionally, the website's subdomain was customized to allow re-use for other personal websites or smaller projects.

  • ARPacman

    • C++
    • openCV
    • openGL
    • Augmented Reality
    • Git

    As part of the course on Augmented Reality at the Technical University of Munich, a team of 4 fellow students and I, implemented an augmented reality version of Pacman using openCV and openGL in C++.

    My work on the project was mainly focused on the fusing of the computer vision and marker tracking module with the game logic and 3D rendering module, operating at the intersection of openCV and openGL.

    Github repository
  • Critical data studies

    • Precision agriculture
    • Research

    For the Critical Data Studies course at the Technical University of Munich, I have researched the data that have to be gathered for variable rate herbicide precision agriculture systems to perform at a satisfactory level.

    Based on that I have come up with a minimal viable system, combining various sensors and actuators.

  • VR school tour (school leaving project)

    • Blender
    • 3D modelling
    • Unreal Engine 4
    • Oculus Rift
    • Virtual Reality
    • Mobile development
    • Git

    As a school leaving project a classmate and I continued to develop a virtual reality school tour using Unreal Engine 4, an Oculus Rift and Blender. The project was also ported to mobile devices.

    The project is now used to promote the school and job and education fairs.